I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from years struggling to sit down to write consistently while dealing with the pressures of the day job and rejection from editors and agents, and from my coaching practice working with writers around the world, and channeled it into a comprehensive guide that not only teaches you practical techniques to get ‘unstuck’ and get back to writing, but also what is behind the distractions and trappings that get you and keep you stuck, and how to deal with them, so that they don’t derail your writing again.

THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO BUSTING THE BLOCK is the ONLY program of its kind that…

Is built with focused, immediate implementation in mind.

No fillers, no unnecessary modules, and extraneous exercises that look like you’re working on your writing on the surface but do nothing but add to the distraction and overwhelm and further sabotage your writing.


Coaches you through to the other side of self-sabotage.

Knowing what is behind the self-sabotage, knowing how to get through it, and stop it, gives you the confidence in yourself and your writing, to persist when others walk away.

Here's how we'll help you get there:

Module 1

Have You Written Yourself Into a Corner

We’re going to start by looking at the most common reason writers feel stuck: the lack of conflict. Everything has been wrapped up far too nicely and there is nowhere else to go with the story.


·       The different ways writers write themselves into a corner

·       How to back track and create more conflict to move the story forward

Module 2

Are you Bored With the Story

When we don’t feel like writing, often it is because we are bored with the story we are working on. If we’re bored, then our readers will be bored. This module covers practical techniques to make you more interested in your story, by making your story more interesting.


·       Get honest with yourself and your story

·       Know how being bored shows up in the way you feel about and avoid writing

Module 3

Is Your Bullshit Meter Going Off

You think you’ve got your plot right i so you start writing and then you start thinking, this would never happen, that can’t work, I’m making all kinds of twists and turns to explain why your character would do something. The whole time you’re thinking that it’s just convenient, a short cut. Your bullshit meter is going off. Is it a plotting issue? Is it even fixable? I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t!


·       Identify the plot problems that need to be fixed

·       Outline before, during and/or after the drafting process

Module 4

Know Your Characters, Know Your Story

Whether you’re just starting your first draft, or half-way through your third round of edits, there may come a time when you don’t know what should happen next, or what is motivating your character, what their goals are, or how to add. When you know your characters, you know what conflict will motivate them to move them forward. 


·       Plot talk and character interviews

·       Taking the time to get to know your characters